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I’m Laura. I play tennis for a living. I recently woke up one morning and decided that I would very much like to have a blog, so here we are! I currently only plan to post when I’ve done something that people are mildly interested in. Or if I manage to take a really great sunset photo, #nofilter. As any of my family and friends will tell you, I have a wild addiction to online shopping. So sometimes I might feel the need to post about this amazing set of personalised teaspoons that I absolutely needed to have.

Basically, let’s see where the mood takes us. This may end up being a blog dedicated to my cat.



  • Richard

    Hope to see you back on the tour next year, Miss Fit!! x

  • Jamie Daborn

    Great first blog post I look forward to reading more.

  • Giulio

    Hey Laura!
    That’s a great idea, I’ll read all your posts because I think you’re very funny and smart. I follow you on Twitter so I know what I’m talking about.
    Anyway I want to tell you that I’m your fan since the match against Kvitova at the Australian Open and I hope to see you back on court soon, I miss you.


  • Laura Robson News

    Welcome on the blogosphere Laura!
    Can’t wait to read more about you and your little adventures :)

  • Robson Bouchard

    Laura, you love dogs. I love poop scooping, we’re made for each other. Anyway, come back soon. XOXOXO

  • samuraijane

    Nice job. Looking forward to that sunset photo. Keep writing.

  • jude

    great rack laura

    • Roger federer


    • Donna Davies

      Is this the real roger ? Great pics by the way laura x

  • choureina

    Those pic are so beautiful.Hope you keep healthy and we will wait for you to come back to the court.And have a blog is a good idea.

  • Jasmine

    I’m way too excited about this!

  • Jack

    Perfection in human form.


  • Ferdinand Legaspi

    Go Laura! It’s great to see you blogging! I look forward to your posts, especially those that are travel-related. I hope you’d be back on tour soon though.

  • Will Shillibier

    Marburg in Germany has a beautiful castle and church. You go up to the tower overlooking the city and watch the sunset :)

  • Jack

    Perfection in human form


  • Jan

    Hope your injury/rehab is on track
    Have u got a date for your comeback,or a specific tournament?
    Oh and post about tennis and cats(2 of my fave things)as much as u like


    Can’t wait to see your blogs from the location of a tennis tournament.

  • Waffles

    Dedicated to your cat?! I wish! There’s not even a picture of me here yet ;)
    So fickle.

  • Christina

    Very much looking forward to this, Laura! You’re such a great person, on and off the court.

  • Chris

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Lands End.

  • Alessandro

    Cool!! good idea! we’ll be waiting for your publications about everything you can think of. Puppys, pictures from planes, places you visit, shopping …
    In that picture you’re in Iceland?

  • http://directtv Jorge Betancourt

    hi!!!ok i will check you out….good luck beautiful baby…

  • Peter James

    Congrats on your blog, you needed one.
    Let’s hope that the wrist catches up with the rest of you for next years main tournaments especially Wimbledon.

    If it doesn’t work out, I hear a vacancy may be begging at the BBC as a Mr.Palin is bowing out of his world travel series.
    Good luck gf ^_~

  • Purser

    Well that is a very pleasant surprise. Not only do we have the pleasure of reading your blog but we have a very pretty girl to add spice to it. I’ll be back.

  • Nick Legg

    Enjoy the blog and taking the photos.

  • Julian Mehmel

    It´s a great idea….I am looking forward to read more articles in the future:)

  • Sophie

    Laura i love you so much and i play tennis too

  • Richie

    Nice idea!…… You always innovate, as always!

  • Jason Gardner

    Love the blog, keep up the good work!!

  • Linda

    Will enjoy following you!

  • LeatherRatson

    Laura, I miss seeing you on court! :( I hope your recovery is going well though. Have a great xmas! Say hello to Waffles for me!

  • Martin Cowin

    Hi Laura,
    I followed the link to your blog from Facebook and I love that you have this blog! I have added a link to my blog, which I hope you will take a look at. My blog is now in its tenth year!
    I ‘Liked’ your Facebook page some time ago, I also follow you on Twitter. I hope your recovery from injury is going well and that you will be back on court again soon!
    Martin. x

  • Dreamer

    I like how this page is “developed by uniquely lovely”(at the bottom)

    • Peter James

      Uniquely lovely, just like you darling );

  • Kovicray

    I love u and ur pics!

  • Jessie Wang