A Picnic Done Right

A Picnic Done Rightfeatured

December 2 2014

DSC_1021For Kate’s birthday I whisked her away to Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds for the perfect sunday. By whisked I mean that I drove the 90 minutes from home (whisked just sounds so much more exciting). Anyway, the initial plan involved a hot air balloon ride. Sadly that was cancelled due to high winds in the air. All that mattered to us was that it was a glorious English summer day on the ground.

DSC_1003The picnic commenced. You may recognise Kate as my travel buddy in the video passport (click here for that). I wish I had known more about blogging when I took this picture. Obviously I would’ve artfully placed each item rather than creating a picnic mess.

DSC_1007There’s a slightly interesting story behind what I have on. I was at an event this summer where I saw Joss Stone wearing this dress. When I met her after her performance she told me it was a Gypsy 05 maxi from a few seasons ago. Like a true online shopper, I googled it all the way home till I found one to make my own. Voila! Maybe not as interesting as I thought.

DSC_1061I loved Cowley Manor so much that I looked up what it would cost to have my future wedding here. There’s an upper and a lower lake, because really who can get married at a place with just one lake. Aaaand I’ve clearly been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress.


  • http://www.andreablack.com Peter James

    Looks as though your injured wrist was all for a reason! Gave you some timeout to re-evaluate what direction you intend on taking.

    Cowley Manor, all very posh…should come to a ball sometime, I go on the few occasions ;()

  • Rui Miranda

    I can barely hold my tongue to say the least I’m into you

  • Nick Legg

    That looks like a splendid place for any sort of social engagement.

  • Waffles

    It is a lovely dress and quite an interesting story though. I’m spreading a “Laura Robson thinking about marriage” story now.

  • Harry Webb

    What a beautiful pic.

  • Manuel Monroy Kuhn

    Superb! Very beautiful!

  • Jamie Daborn

    Got anyone in mind then? :-P

  • http://theracing-line.weebly.com Callum Beirne

    Laura i told you not to tell anyone about the wedding ;) haha!!
    Very posh place though!! :)

  • jorge

    love it

  • Chris S

    It definitely is a very picturesque place! And your dress definitely fits the part and looks lovely. But I spy a nice wine bottle…a glorious British summer’s day picnic can’t go amiss without a good wine, right?

  • Edward Wilson

    Laura, I wish to ask you to marry me? Do you accept? If so please reply to my email address. Thanks, Edward.

  • Purser

    Lovely blog and lovely photos. I don’t recall giving my permission for you to wed. I’ll just have to enjoy the occasion (when it happens) from afar.