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December 5 2014

DSC_1390On a freezing Sunday morning we headed to the next stop on the scenic photo shoot tour, St Michael’s Mount. You can either walk there from the main land or take a boat, depending on whether the tide is high (cue the Atomic Kitten song). Onto the castle!DSC_1502DSC_1461DSC_1429Incase you were wondering.. Yes, I am wearing my brother’s rugby jumper with a scarf awkwardly tied around me. It’s all set to be the latest fashion next season, so if I were you I would get on that bandwagon asap. DSC_1432DSC_1426As you can tell, the gardens of St Michael’s Mount are so very lovely.DSC_1396Don’t you think this wall looks like something out of Game Of Thrones? It’s like a life-size map of Kings Landing.

DSC_1470DSC_1507After a spot of lunch and far too much time in the gift shop, we walked back to shore. Another beach pic posted to Instagram and we were ready for the long drive home. I want to add that the road trip was filled with large quantities of country music because it’s clearly the best genre. 
DSC_1483Thank you for virtually attending our trip to Cornwall. Lots of love!

  • Gavan

    Hi Laura

    Next time you are in Cornwall come and say hello to St Ives Tennis Club, the most beautiful place to play tennis in the country.

    My two daughters aged 7 and 9 are your biggest fans. Ella sent you a card via LTA which I suspect you didn’t get. It was lovely with a picture of you and her playing at Wimbledon. She tells everyone she wants to be like “Laura Robson” :)

    Take care and good luck for 2015

  • Dreamer

    You’re doing a service to the British tourism ;) , I like how this page is “developed by uniquely lovely” (at the bottom)

  • Manuel Monroy

    Very nice! Looks a bit like the north of Spain!

  • Chris S

    I took the little boat when I went to St Michael’s Mount (did the walk back) and I’ve never been more petrified! I thought the little thing was going to tip over with us all in it! Glad your trip was less dramatic!

  • Purser

    It sure has been a lovely tour. Keep up the good work when you have enough time. I will look forward to the next instalment.

  • Laura Robson News

    It sounds like a lovely trip. Your Instagram pics already made me want to discover that place in England. Your blog posts just make me want to go even more. Thank you for sharing :)