Heaven Is A Place In.. England?

Heaven Is A Place In.. England?featured

December 4 2014

DSC_1018My first time in Cornwall! The crew gathered together for an Instagram heavy 48 hours. I should warn you this post will have loads of photos because there’s so much landscape prettiness. I still can’t get over how picturesque the whole weekend was. We stayed in a friend’s house in Penzance, within an hour of all the places we had on our to do list. First on the list, Lizard Point.

DSC_1088 DSC_1003DSC_1169DSC_1140

IMG_9231Trying to get Charlotte the perfect profile pic. I succeeded.

The next stop was a picnic lunch at Minack Theatre. There were sadly no shows on the day we were there. But that can be my excuse to visit again next summer.DSC_1181DSC_1178Onto one of the many gardens Cornwall has to offer (they should totally make me a Cornish Ambassador, if that’s a thing).

DSC_1233DSC_1238DSC_1251CSC_1258Who else made these Ballerinas when they were little?

We finished the day at Lands End for yet another scenic photo shoot. I want to add that we were SO lucky with the weather. I can’t imagine enjoying it as much if it weren’t a maxi dress climate.DSC_1315DSC_1259 DSC_1357DSC_1359We all got way too excited about the 4g situation at the edge of a cliff. Sociable bunch!

Though I fear I may have already lost your interest, that’s all I have for day 1. Thanks for reading! Cornwall day 2 to be continued…

  • Chris S

    Cornwall is beautiful but Devon is my favourite county to visit. Hope you went surfing at Newquay! ;)

  • Carsten


  • Gaz

    The Minack is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. We went to a concert there last year and it was mid summer and warm. Completely magical!

  • Laura Robson News

    Honestly, after tennis you can switch to photography. I’m in love with your pics :) And you made me want to discover Cornwall. Can’t wait for day 2. You’re getting good at blogging

  • Laura Robson News

    Honestly, after tennis you can switch to photography. I’m in love with your pics :) And you made me want to discover Cornwall. Can’t wait for day 2. You’re getting good at blogging

  • https://www.facebook.com/stevierhodes Steve Rhodes

    I love living in Cornwall!
    I’ll put you in touch with these guys…

  • Jamie Daborn

    The scenery is really beautiful. Great pictures Laura.

  • http://launcestontennis.org Paul Rostron

    I don’t mean to make you jealous but we play tennis in Cornwall most days of our lives! If you do come back next summer perhaps you might consider popping to our little friendly tennis club in Launceston and we’ll arrange for some tennis overlooking the beach at Crackington :)

  • James T

    That dress looks amazing on you Laura!

  • Julian Mehmel

    Laura, you are just awesome and dream girl!

  • Dan

    I’m obliged to point out that if you want to be the Cornish ambassador, you can’t say Cornwall is in England. :p

    If you come back next year, I so hope I can take an awkward selfie!

  • Dan

    If you want to be the Cornish ambassador, I’m obliged to tell you that it’s not in England :p

    Please come back next year! And if you do, can we have an awkward selfie?

  • Harry Webb

    It is a stunning local, beautiful! You must have been freezing in a backless dress lol.

  • Keith Benson

    91-99 in Plymouth gave me a love of the place. Sennen Cove to Lands End my favourite walk, though the Rame Peninsula (& Edgcombe Country Park) is ignored which makes it more special (inc Dolphins joining the water taxi into Plymouth! ). NOW GET BACK ON COURT! BEEN TOO LONG LADY! x

  • andrew barrett

    Cornwall is the best, will never leave

  • Purser

    This is a wonderful series of photos. The country is so lovely and with a beautiful maid to present it what more could we want – except to be there with you. What a gorgeously elegant dress and how lovely you look in it.

  • James P

    Hi Laura, loving the blog so far especially the travel section. Could I perhaps recommend North Norfolk as a possible future destination for you and your friends? I’d be happy to suggest places to go and things to see etc if you were interested.

  • Nick Legg

    I’ve been as far as Devon – Cornwall is next

  • http://www.thepyjamadtraveller.blogspot.co.uk Ellie

    Cornwall is stupidly beautiful. Me and my family go there all the time.

    Please check out my blog Laura, it’s full of travelly (is that a word??!) and other stuff and let me know what you think, it’d mean a lot :)

  • Sylvester Teck

    Cornwall is one of the many places in UK are good for photo-shoot, very awesome both modern and history. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery of the places you have visited.