Let’s See Where The Night Takes Us

Let’s See Where The Night Takes Usfeatured

January 22 2015

Want to start by saying thank you very much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I woke up feeling pretty ancient at the grand old age of 21. This was confirmed by my parents, whom kindly gifted me furniture and a barbecue for my new house in Florida. Thanks Mum & Dad!

Favourite places in London, part 2. Let’s do this. DSC_1291DSC_1293The ultimate store. You know those tv episodes where people get locked into a department store and have to spend the night there? I dream of being locked inside Liberty. DSC_1302Popped home for a quick outfit change before stopping by The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill. One of the prettiest restaurants around. Shame about the white van ruining the shot.  DSC_1390Tower of London by night. Who went to see the poppies last year? I wish I had been home to visit. My school visited the Tower of London at least 5 times between the ages of 8-12. At the time I felt we could really do with some variation, spice up your life! Oh the memories.DSC_1324DSC_1376Touristing it up at Tower Bridge. The cyclist in the above photo looks embarrassed on my behalf.

Outfit chat. I was going for a festive theme, hence the sparkles. Dress is (on sale!) here. This trench coat is a fave of mine. But if you’re looking for something more bank friendly, click here.

Back to the reason for the visit to Tower Bridge. The opening. DSC_1308DSC_1313Ta-da! So pretty!

I’m predicting that the favourite places in London posts will be an ongoing thing. These last two posts were just what I managed to fit into one action packed day. Who knows.. This time next year we could be at part 41.

  • http://emilyjanewebb.blogspot.co.uk Emily

    Gorgeous pictures Laura, london looks so lovely by night xx

  • Chris S

    This should be an ongoing thing, because everyone knows London is the best city in the world!

  • Jeremy Houghtoin

    London, for me, is the less travelled path. The Tower of London, Buck Palace, Albert Bridge, they are the ‘known’ face of London. When I lived there, I loved going to the parts that tourist’s didn’t flock – the ‘real’ face of London. When I go back with people not from London, I always, always take them to what I describe as ‘London without the glitz; without the make-up’. I love the city. I lived it for many years, but I know it’s unforgiving and isn’t always bright lights and glamour.

    Your photos are wonderful. Vivid. With my first proper pay packet (back in the day when you did actually get an envelope with money, not a slip of paper with a load of numbers on it) I went to Liberty’s to buy a wallet so I could feel like a proper, grown-up young man! I bought the wallet, went outside and discovered I’d spent all my money on the wallet – I didn’t have anything to put in to it! Still, I felt like a proper man…!

    Look forward to next instalment in anticipation!!!

  • susan

    I was lucky to see the poppies at the tower in October. It wwas a very humbling experience. I also have one at home. Hope to see you playing again soon. Best wishes

  • yhette

    you’re looking great laura as always.;)

  • http://rogers-rants.blogspot.co.uk/ roGER

    Nice post and pictures, Laura.

    I used to work at Saint Katherine’s Dock right next to the bridge and Tower of London. Hope you get well soon and start playing again.

  • pierre

    You gave me the desire to visit London so much! it looks very pretty and full of charm!

  • Richard

    Wow, London is so awesome! I gotta do a proper touristy day at some time in the future…
    “I woke up feeling pretty ancient at the grand old age of 21. This was confirmed by my parents, whom kindly gifted me furniture and a barbecue ” – loved this line by the way, made me laugh a lot :D
    And seeing as you’re going to be living in Florida, you’re gonna be a ‘Murican in no time soon! (Please don’t lose your britishness haha!)
    Keep up the good posts

  • Sanchit

    Hi Laura
    !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! TO THE Most Beautiful Person .
    Hope to see u soon on WTA Tournaments.
    Take Care

  • http://www.pwalkerphotography.co.uk Paul walker

    Great shots Laura. London is super cool and a great place to spend the evening. Regards and speedy recovery and up the rankings :)

  • Francesca

    Liberty is my favourite store everrr! Everything in it is perfection and the building is beautiful too.
    Also, I don’t think that cyclist is embarrassed. I think he’s checking you out ;)


  • Amogha

    Such much gorgeous text and pictures. And of course the person you are. We all want to see u play soon…

  • Sharp

    Looks so good!

  • https://twitter.com/LauraRobsonNews Mathilde

    I hope you will write a new post soon. This blog needs a practice post ;)

  • greenfieldsJohn Mason

    How is the comeback going Laura I really hope your successful after all your st backs you deserve a bit of luck

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