These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Thingsfeatured

January 6 2015

On the 25th I flew home for some Christmas family time. The Robson clan reunited! Minus my sister. Side note – my beautiful sister turned 30 yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM! Anyway, my family ditched me on the 28th so I had some free time after training. And seeing as London is my favourite city in the entire world, why not do a little blog about it? Managed to hit some of the popular spots combined with a few of my faves. I’ve been a total grinch with the snaps and decided to crop out all of the tourists. This will probably sound terribly mean but it serves them right for being the slowest walkers of all time.

Let’s begin with a fave, the Monument!

DSC_1174DSC_1176I like the Monument as it’s usually not that busy. Probably because of all the stairs involved. As you can see from the picture above, the struggle was so real. So worth it for this view!DSC_1182DSC_1178Stop 2 – The London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Due to my grinchiness (not a word) at the huge amount of people around it, I didn’t take any photos of the front of the Abbey. Just the windows. DSC_1203DSC_1189DSC_1207DSC_1220Stop 3 – A fave, Westminster Cathedral. The tower of the Cathedral is available to climb the majority of the year, sadly closed on the day I was there. But having been up before, the view is a beaut. DSC_1227 DSC_1238DSC_1239Stop 4 – Grosvenor Square. I love that just a street away from the chaos of Bond St, there’s a beautiful quiet place to do a spot of reading. The two pictures below are of the little 9/11 memorial in the square, it faces the US Embassy.DSC_1243 DSC_1244Stop 5 – Finished the day off with a totally candid not planned at all photo by the Christmas decorations at Claridge’s. DSC_1287Check back next week for the evening part of my favourite things. Lots of love!

P.s I’ve had a few people asking where my outfits are from. Is that something you want me to add into each post? We could all be twinsies.

  • Chris S

    Loving the day out in London! It is simply the best city on the world. Have you been up the Shard yet? I may be nervous about heights but I went up over Christmas and the views are spectacular!

  • Carsten

    London is also one of my favourite cities, so thank you for all these beautiful photos :-)! I’ve never been up to the monument. Maybe on my next trip… But no worries, I’m definitely not one of these slow walking tourists ;-) hahaha
    Good luck for your comeback next month! I will keep my fingers crossed!

    Btw the stairs inside the monument reminds me at the stairs inside Lady Liberty up to the crown. Maybe something worth considering on your next trip to NYC ;-)

    • Morgan

      Nice photos. London is a beautiful city. I’m not interested in where your clothes are from, would be nice to have some tennis updates though :-)

  • Mathilde

    Wow the last pic is amazing <3
    London is such a beautiful city and there is always something new to see :)
    And I'd love to know where your outfits are from. I think some of us would love to be your twinsies haha

  • Jamie Daborn

    Nice photos glad you had some time off before heading back to training.

  • Ross

    I read this blog solely because of the badass name Laura the Explorer. (and its kinda cool)

  • Gill Camps

    When you come to the end of your tennis career in many years time- a new career awaits you – photographer! these pics are amazing!

  • pierre

    It looks beautiful! London is so full of history,it reminds me of Paris sometimes.Laura you should visit the Eiffel tower once at night and see the view and if you can eat in the restaurant at the top!It is amazing!!
    Anyway thanks for sharing I cannot wait for you new adventures!

    Ps:I can’t wait to see you on court too!! :)

  • Jeremy Houghtoin

    Great photos! Not only a talented tennis player, but pretty useful with the camera, too. (Perhaps a profession when you retire – years from now, hopefully). I always loved going up the dome at St Pauls, looking down from the Whispering Gallery, then out over London (this was years before the Shard). Had the chance to go up the Dome on Sistine Chapel, some years back, fantastic view across St Peter’s and Rome itself. If you haven’t been there, I would definitely recommend that. Oh, and like Morgan, I’m not too interested in your outfits. Being a man (of advancing years) I’ll definitely not be doing a twinsies – I might get arrested and you might think I’m weird!!!

  • Vicky

    great pics! on a more fashionista note, where are those boots from? your winter wardrobe game is strong!

  • Leo Seungwon BAEK

    Cool! Scrapped! I’ll use the information to my upcoming visit in London!

  • Dreamer

    Would love to see a Q&A type blog in future, by the wau happy birthday Em! take care:)

  • Dave

    Excellent story telling & pics but as a London girl, surely you know that Big Ben is a bell……

    Very entertaining travelogue – hope to see lots more from your journey round cities of the WTA tour

  • Dave

    Excellent story telling & pics but as a London girl, surely you know that Big Ben is a bell. . . . Very entertaining travelogue – hope to see lots more from your journey round cities of the WTA tour

  • Jeremy Houghtoin

    Dave, come on. It’s known worldwide as Big Ben. Sure, the bell is Big Ben and the tower was called St Stephen’s and then renamed Elizabeth’s (renamed to commemorate the Queen’s diamond jubilee (for us oldies, it’ll always be St Stephen’s). But it’s not a history blog, it’s a travelblog and Laura is appealing to the wider public, beyond Londoners and, like it or not, the tower, the clock, the landmark will always be known as Big Ben.

    • Dave

      Sure, it’s no big deal. But it may come in handy if Laura is doing any multi national trivia contests during her tennis trips round the world. From what I remember the Fed Cup team used to play games at night so when Laura is back playing regularly it could be the difference between team Laura winning & being second

      • Dave

        BTW the common quiz trick is ‘how many faces (or hands) does Big Ben have?

      • Jeremy Houghtoin

        Ah, well, that’s different. In those situations it is hoped that Laura will, when asked whether Big Ben is the bell or the tower, that she will get it right (and being far younger than I, she would probably say Elizabeth rather than St Stephen’s!).

  • http://facebook jeanette doohan

    Such beautiful Photo`s. I feel as though I have had a nice day out in London. Thanks Laura , and nice to hear you will be back to competion soon. You have been missed by all your fans . Good Luck for 2015. x

  • MJ

    YES! We want more blog posts and outfit info. YES!

  • faye


  • Neil West

    Great blog. Here are some more recmendations : have you been up Parliament or Primrose Hill? Having been a Londoner almost all my life the highlights are the parks where you can almost smell the fresh aroma of countryside but still be a stone’s throw from the electricity of the London magnet.

    The footbridge in Hyde Park over The Serpentine, The Italian Gardens in Kensington Gardens (awesome for dog spotting) and Regents Park boating lake for picnis afloat.

    Good luck in your recovery from injury. X