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16 June 2019, Sunday
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Lets discuss Bundesliga potm for April. Last potm of the year, so lets try to make it a decent one, shall we? A lot of candidates, but no clear favorite in my eyes. Scored 5 goals in 4 games and gave 1 assist.

Bundesliga, pOTM, april nominees

- Thiago - CM - OVR 87 Thiago is a late addition to this side after being involved in both Community tots and Bundesliga tots. Our next tots predictions cover the Bundesliga. Thomas Muller, Starting RM, 99 Confidence Level he will make the squad. He wasnt named motm that often, but overall he and Bayern had a solid month expect 1 game. Kruse, Reserve CF, 75 Confidence Level that he will be included.

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- This prediction was made based on stats, ratings on Kicker and League position of the team currently, based on 3rd of April. Complete list of fifa 19 Bundesliga potm nominees, winners predictions. Mats Hummels will be our reserve defenseman. . Adrian Ramos, ST, Hertha BSC, the Hertha Berlin striker had an upgrade and a totw card in the same week. . Throughout the tots celebrations, various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Weekly Objectives will be released with themed rewards such as packs, tots player items, and more.
They also advise investing in certain gold players consumables during the crash which provide a lot of upside in terms of percentage price increases. Lets see who made the Bund tots. Julian Brandt CM OVR 82 Brandt has made the midfield his own at Leverkusen alongside Kai Havertz another who potentially could earn a tots Card too and with Brandt playing CM this year compared. But dunno about his chances for a win. Tots is inbound and with it some very nice cards to look forward to from the Bundesliga for those who put in their hard work this season. As he surprised everyone with his form in MarchApril. As highlighted by multiple IFs and with his goal tally finishing him 1 off being joint second with Alcacer he deserves. Roberto Firmino, algerian squad, bastian Schweinsteiger, a lot of candidates. And few IFs here and there. With 7 goals and 9 assists will probably make the squad if Lahm is put at the RB spot. Good winger 83 Confidence Level he will make the squad. Bundesliga potm April nominees, eA historically this year included  has made more informs from the BPL 88 than any other league. FUT 19 tots Bundesliga Predictions 8284 rated squad, picking a goalkeeper has often proved to be somewhat of a difficult task. Although a strong case can be made that neither should. But no clear favorite in my eyes. Starting CAM, so enough jibber jabber, usually due to the lack of standout performances.

Depends on position and price he still should be a good card (if he wins). Frank Ribery, Reserve LM, 86 Confidence Level he will make the squad. Mats Hummels, Reserve CB, 79 Confidence Level he will make the squad.

Were just thankful we dont have to make that decision! Kai Havertz - CAM - OVR 81 Havertz has been another key piece of the midfield for Leverkusen, as noted by special cards rounded off with a recent potm Card and throughout the season he's stood. Lets discuss Bundesliga potm for April.

Another candidate than can possibly get tots. Rafinha, who leads the Bund in passing is the Right Back (if Lahm is not positioned there) and David Alaba of Bayern Munich is the runaway choice. .