College basketball recruiting predictions

11 June 2019, Tuesday
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Jim Durham named recipient of basketball, hall of Fame

- Moving to the Pac-12 placed the Buffaloes amongst some of college basketball s elite teams. Seeing these things as detrimental to recruiting, Bohn insisted that the basketball program needed its own training facility. V6:4-37-48 (Fall 1962) PDF 551KB* The "father of scientific intelligence" philosophizes on the application of scientific methods to intelligence collection and analysis. V9:1-63-80 (Winter 1965) PDF 947KB* Translation of 1960 Soviet tradecraft manual for residents and case officers on holding meetings with agents. V39:5-11-18 (1996) PDF 661.8KB* Hedley, John Hollister, "Secrets, Free Speech, and Fig Leaves", Stud. Robert., "Trends in African Forgeries", Stud.

A Move To The Pac-12 And Coaching Changes Brought

- CIA Vision, Mission, Ethos Challenges. History of the CIA. V11:3-1-16 (Summer 1967) PDF 814.8KB* Helms, Richard, "Strategic Arms Limitation and Intelligence", Stud. 1, 1997: 111-114, PDF 273.4KB* Bagnall,. V13:2-1-63 (Spring 1969) PDF.3MB* Describes the acquisition of the diaries and other papers of Mussolini's son-in-law, which were thought to have valuable information on Italo-German relations in World War.
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A Bibliography by Edward Ellis Smith, Stud. "The Greater Barrier" by Burney.

"Intelligence in American Society" by Richard Helms, Stud. V1:4-19-26 (Fall 1957) PDF 423KB* Smyth, Howard McGaw, "The Ciano Papers: Rose Garden", Stud.

V48:3-69-82 (2004) PDF 189.2KB* Strangers on a Bridge by James. 1:1-1-8 (September 2002) PDF.4KB* Davis, Jack, "Paul Wolfowitz on Intelligence-Policy Relations", Stud. CIA must be ready to adjust to change but also preserve what is essential to its mission, especially the well-educated and trained analyst (a 1970 perspective).

1, 1997: 27-34, PDF 558.1KB* Intelligence Community R D on imagery is joined to the national effort to improve breast cancer detection. V13:4-49-74 (Fall 1969) PDF.2MB* Details techniques used by Communist country interrogators. V4:3-47-55 (Summer 1960) PDF 492KB* Steinmeyer, Jim.